Four Days till Auditions and Monologues


We at Inclusive Theater are truly blessed to have the involvement of wonderful people like Aleks Malejs (recently burning up the stage in Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth–Irish Classical Theatre Company). We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Aleks as well as Russ Wendell and Dan Greer and the entire board of The Lancaster Regional Players for their support and confidence in our little venture.

Inclusive Theater of Western NY is doing something new. We are creating an atmosphere where beginners and those with experience, neurotypical people and people with challenges, in short, people of all ages and ability come together to learn–about themselves and each other–in a milieu that encourages experimentation and growth: a truly inclusive and natural environment.

While there are challenges, we believe we will be creating new opportunities for people who may  have felt too intimidated to become involved in theater: people who lack confidence, people with various disabilities (physical, emotional, and learning disabilities), older people, people new to this country, etc.

There are theater companies for people with disabilities, but none are truly inclusive. Our goal is to foster growth through classes and help prepare people for auditions and roles–in ways that make them, if they have the talent–truly qualified.  We also will offer opportunities for people to be involved in all aspects of theater.

It’s been a long year of preparation and we have just begun to see the fruits of all that work. Watch this space…14729313_979571822189337_7810489217992446483_n

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