Inclusive Theater of WNY – Monthly Short Play Reading Series – Matt Boyle – May 22, 2021

2 Waiting on Godot parodies. Both directed by Andrew Zuccari

Waiting for Domino’s
Two long suffering Bills fans, Stan and Mike are waiting for pizza delivery and a Buffalo Bills’ Superbowl Championship. They live in an eternal hell, replaying the last seconds of the first Bills trip to the big show always ending with wide right! Starring James Barcomb and Leon Copeland

Enter Bozo and F#¢ky
Stan and Mike are visited by the mysterious, enigmatic Trozo and his attendant, F#¢ky. They still dream of that elusive Superbowl Championship and secretly hope that Trozo/Bozo/Pozo might in actually be Mr. Domino in disguise. Starring Quentin Gray, Erin Bellavia, Anthony Baldwin-Giambrone and James Barcomb


The Playwright and the Critic or The Last Play
directed by Matt Boyle, Camera work by Josh Boyle

Some say the theater is dying. Some say the theater is already dead. Kent the playwright and Len the theater critic are neither taking personal responsibility for theater’s demise and instead are sure it’s the other’s fault. Add a gun, a young tech girl/stage manager and a zombie lord to the mix and we’ll let you decide who’s right and who’s wrong. Starring John Profeta, Matt Boyle, Kayla Victoria Reumann and Anthony Baldwin-Giambrone


Inclusive Theater of WNY – Monthly Short Play Reading Series – Mark Lloyd – April 24, 2021

Coffee House – Directed by Dallas Taylor – Starring Queen Robinson and Michael Kowal

It’s Up to You – Directed by Chris Barker – Starring Justin Chortie and Sadie Everhart

It’s on the Page – Directed by Virginia Brannon – Starring Jessie Pierce, James Barcomb, and Anthony Baldwin-Giambrone


ITOWNY Participates in the 2021 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge (EDFC)!

Inclusive Theater of WNY (ITOWNY) is one of 93 participants in the International Easterseals Disability Film Challenge for the second year in a row!

The film, Closet Captives, was written, performed, filmed, and edited in five days (March 16-21, 2021).   Written by Ellen Scherer and Madison Sedlor, directed by Aimee Levesque, Virginia Brannon, Chris Barker, Dallas Taylor, and Ellen Scherer, featuring Dallas Taylor, Ellen Scherer, Jess Levesque, Heather Benson, Virginia Brannon, and Cat Kwiatkowski, with music by Everlasting Enlightenment and produced by Inclusive Theater of WNY.

About the challenge:

2021 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge: Home Edition 2.0 Assignment:  Mockumentary or documentary style short film. The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge is a narrative short film competition but many of the film challenge participants are currently staying home and safe due to the COVID-19 pandemic the genre of the assignment of the 2021 EDFC: Home Edition is Mockumentray or documentary style.   

In its seventh year, the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge gives filmmakers—with and without disabilities—the opportunity to collaborate to tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms.  The film challenge is open to all and provides a platform for new voices in the entertainment industry. Each year, aspiring storytellers are prompted to creatively write, produce, and complete a short film. Challenge winners receive invaluable access to entertainment professionals, opening the door to an industry notoriously difficult to enter.  More information on the challenge: https://disabilityfilmchallenge.com/challenge/about-us/

About the film:

Closet Captives is the mockumentary where we see what happens when Maya, Quinn, Dylan, Brooklyn, Logan, and Jamie are isolated and removed from their day-to-day lives.


Closet Captives

Written by Ellen Scherer and Madison Sedlor and Directed by Aimee Levesque, Virginia Brannon, Chris Barker, Dallas Taylor, and Ellen Scherer

Awareness Campaign Runs Now through April 5, 2021

Video on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8XmdEs-g2k  or on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/disabilityfilmchallenge/videos/271980744538448

More information www.inclusivetheaterofwny@gmail.com and inclusivetheater@gmail.com


Inclusive Theater of WNY – Monthly Short Play Reading Series – Lyons, McGregor and Mullen – March 27, 2021

Inclusive Theater of WNY – Monthly Short Play Reading Series – March 27, 2021

“Friend” by Sara Lyons

Director: Dallas Taylor

Starring: Katie Buckler, Sean Mansfield, Heather Benson, Shanda Gardner, & Queen Robinson

“The Birds are Feeding Me” by Rex McGregor

Director: Virginia Brannon

Starring: Heidi Buckler, Dorothy Gerhardt, & Michael Kowal

“Dorm Party” by Scott Mullen

Director: Chris Barker

Starring: Sadie Everhart & Kayla Reumann