And Where Will You Put the Things You Save

Artist Spotlight: Colleen O’Byrne

Since we are just 4 days away from opening night of And Where Will You Put the Things You Save?, we thought it would be fun to start sharing the head shots of all of the people who are assisting with this production!

Colleen O’Byrne, Prop Assistant kicks us off!

Colleen joined ITOWNY a year ago when she performed in My Story: An Evening of Personal Narratives and bravely shared her story with the audience!  She has continued to attend ITOWNY events and workshops since that time and we are so darn glad to have her!

So when you see all of the fancy props on stage, know that Colleen is behind ’em!

Don’t have your tickets yet?  No worries!  There’s still time!  But get them fast, they are going quick!


Photography by Bob Howard

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