Shakespeare in the Parking Lot - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Cast Spotlight: Nigel Nige

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After getting caught in an Amish Drive By on his Wedding Day, NigeL has returned to Western New York in high step fashion. Yeee Hawww! Nigel Nige, is a songwriter/singer, story teller. Currently is working on recording his 3rd CD, featuring original songs. As an actor has performed Off Broadway, NYC Actors Playhouse production of Talk Show. Also several Independent Films playing bit parts and secondary characters. Currently is working on producing a self written play entitled, YOUR FATHER. Set in the 80-90’s. The play tells the story of a Polish American Family dealing with their aging fathers Alzheimer’s Disease. Also another self written play/ musical about Dreams, Romance, Aspiration and Tragedy. NO HEAT On a 10 Degree NIGHT, NYC.
Nigel is very happy to be performing as Tom Snout the tinker. Even more so excited to be a part of this growing Wonderful and Fabulous Family, The Inclusive Theatre of WNY. Nigel would also like to send a VERY SpeciaL THANK YOU To Summer Harris. “With out you bringing me here. None of this would be possible. Thank You from all my heart. You Keep Me Rockinnn. Keep Up the Great work. SummerLove! KEEP ON ROCKINNN. Love TaTa. Thank You Aimee, Marilyn and EVERY1111. YOU ALL Are an Inspiration to me on this long road as the wheels roll and turn on this the Long Come Back Trail.

When: July 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th at 7pm Where: The Foundry, 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo, NY

For tickets: Brown Paper Tickets

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