Shakespeare in the Parking Lot - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Five Days and Counting….

It seemed as if opening day was so far off when we started this Shakespearean adventure, but alas, we are a mere FIVE days from our Thursday soft opening. We are offering our dress rehearsal as a ‘pay what you can’ night for those who are adventurous enough to play the role of audience at Thursday evening’s performance.

Because we are an inclusive theater company we offer extended rehearsals so those cast members who have the talent but need that extended time to get comfortable in their roles can have that. And so we have been rehearsing since June.

Our cast members who don’t require as much rehearsal time have generously and magnanimously rehearsed right alongside their peers with a level of enthusiasm that has demonstrated to us both their love of theatre and their support of our mission. Truly, this is an exceptional group of human beings and we have relished every single minute of our time with them.

These photos taken during recent rehearsals give you just a hint of the powerful performances you will experience during this show. It is a comedy, however, and this cast takes that aspect to the absolute limit. As the temperatures have risen, so has the need for comic relief and we’ve incorporated some of that into the play.

SO, if you think you’ve seen “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” before, well…you haven’t seen this one!

Where: The Foundry 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo When: July 25-28 All performances at 7pm. For tickets click here.

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