Reading of Three Short Plays by Vale Vonn/Baroness von Smith – Performed: January 23, 2021, 8pm EST

Missed the readings of Vale Vonn/Baroness von Smith’s plays? No worries! You can watch it on ITOWNY’s YouTube Channel – https://youtu.be/jMFl0VdYtVI. Don’t forget to subscribe! You don’t want to miss a thing that ITOWNY has coming up!

Images from Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

Top: Playwright Baroness von Smith

“Writers in the Wild.” Directed by Virginia Brannon. Starring Andrew Zuccari, Queen Robinson, James Barcomb, Jessie Pierce and Justin Chortie.


“Fresh Hauntings” Directed by Aimee Levesque. Starring Mike Kowal, Dallas Taylor, Jessica Levesque, Quentin Gray, Heather Benson, Justin Chortie, and a random “fresh” ghost!

“Book Club” – Directed by Chris Barker. Starring Cat Kwiatkowski, Sarah Hill, Madison Sedlor, MaryAnn Residorf, and Heather Benson!

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