Meet the Cast/Director – Umar Azam

Let’s say hello to the multitalented Umar Azam!

Umar Azam is excited to be working again with inclusive Theater of WNY as a first time director of three of the plays and as Eron (Ronnie the Audition Slayer) and Laundro (Laundro’s Mismatched Plight). His past work includes the 48 hour film festival with green buffalo productions (GBP), “As You Like It” (Charles/ Jaques de boys) via Inclusive Theater, Drake in the musical “Annie”, and Beads in “everything’s groovy” . He also wrote “Turn me in” which won GBP’s quarantine quarters writing challenge, in addition to handful of other plays and screenplays. Currently, he is also working as an assistant director for “Look Up” short film under GBP. Thanks for all of your hard work, Umar! Show runs August 4-7. St Marys High School in Lancaster. Tickets only $10! #itowny#inclusivetheaterofwny#inclusion#inclusionrevolution

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