Meet the Director – Aimee Levesque

And the last bio of the night is for Director – Aimee Levesque! Aimee M. Levesque is the Founder, Executive and Artistic Director of Inclusive Theater of WNY. She received her PhD from the University of Buffalo and her dissertation focused on empowerment through the arts for persons with disabilities. Aimee grew up in Charlotte, NC and now resides in Western New York. She is a writer of all things and loves to be creative! She is a big fan of Halloween, horror movies, Christmas and pizza and her daughter is the reason behind all that she does!

Aimee directed “Paisley, Fire, and Stone” as well as co-director of “Pandemic Grief in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” “Ronnie Audition Slayer,” and “Therapy.” Aimee also acted as consultant on all of the plays.

Join us tomorrow as we share the remainder of the cast AND did we mention it is OPENING NIGHT?!!

ITOWNY’s one-act play festival featuring WNY playwrights. August 4-7 at St. Mary’s High School, Tickets only $10. #inclusivetheaterofwny#inclusion#inclusionrevolution#itowny

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