Final Show Sunday April 7th!


Quentin Gray (Barry, Pig #3, Alex): Quentin was raised in Toledo, Ohio and has been acting since 15 years old. H was a film extra in Marshall, Bashira, Crown Vic, and the first Purge. Quentin has appeared in several stage productions with roles such as Jeffrey in The Curtious Savage at the Ghostlight Theate and Randy Dexter in Curtins for The Elmira Little Theater in Elmira,NY. Quentin trained with Frank Rossi in both Method and Meisner. “I want to thank inclusive Theater of WNY for giving me this great opportunity as an actor. Juggling multiple roles is a new experience for me. So I would have to thank Aimee for giving me this part and pushing my limits as an actor.

Jessica Levesque ( Thomasina, Snow White, Mama) Active in RollerDerby until an injury ended her career, Jessica moved on to acting, something she’d always wanted to do. She has appeard on several episodes of Total Divas, and an independent film, The Secret Origin of Mojo Man. Jessica loves WWE wrestling, Anime and cartoons. She loves the beach, making jewelry and travelling. Jessica has appeard in several plays on Buffalo stages including Always October (2013), The Process (2014), An Evening of Personal Stories (2017), And Where Will You Put the Things You Save? (2018).

Colleen Ann O’Byrne (Television Man): Colleen is a long time Buffalo resident who has appeard in one previous Inclusive Theater of WNY production—An Evening of Personal Stories. She makes her acting debut in Television Man, the first short play in ITOWNY’s Festival of Shorts. Colleen has one adult son and two Bichons: Molly and Bella.

Summer Harris (Cate Blanchett, Paula, Princess Charming): A enior at The Park School of Buffalo, Summer is excited to be apart of ITOWNY’s Festival of Shorts! In the past with The Park Players she has been Mollie in TheMousetrap, Alice in You Can’t Take it With You, Banzai and a Featured Dancer in The Lion King Jr, the antagonist Cat in Honk! Jr, and the variety shows Patchwork since middle school. She also performed in The Diary of Anne Frank with The Raiders of Niagara as Anne Frank. In her spare time she loves to draw, write, sing, play guitar, ukulele, and viola.

Jennelle Torrey (Gremlin, Wolf) is a wife, mother, virtual assistant, curriculum developer, technology trainer, actor, and accessibility advocate. To me Inclusive means that everyone no matter who you are has access to be included in all areas of life, there should be no exceptions.

Rev. Christopher Wylie (Gremlin, Zombie, Television Man, Pig 2, Rumplesiltskin) Chris is a father, husband, United Methodist pastor, writer, blogger, musician, artist, actor, and disability advocate. More than anything he wants you to know that Inclusive means you are loved no matter the body in which you live.  

Aimée Levesque, Ph.D. Executive and Artistic Director: Aimée has served on the Boards of Buffalo Theatre Alliance (TABS) and Ujima Theatre. She holds Masters Degrees in English Literature and Library Science and is an adjunct professor at Buffalo State College. This past January Aimée received her Doctorate in Curriculum Design and the Science of Learning from University at Buffalo. Aimée’s daughter Jessica, a talented actress and a woman on the autism spectrum, is one of the inspirations for Inclusive Theater of WNY.

Marilyn Erentsen-Scott (Artistic Director) Marilyn retired from the stage after a well received performance in 7th grade and only returned some 50 years later, appearing in a play (The Process in 2014) with two of the actors in this production: Jessical Levesque and Chelsea Braun. Marilyn and her husband of 38 years, Steve, moved to Buffalo from L.I. almost five years ago. They have one son, Anthony, and a 2 year old Golden Retriever named Penny, who is the official mascot of InclusiveTheater of WNY. A former Registered Nurse, Marilyn received her BA in Sociology from Adelphi University in 1998 and has worked for more than 25 years as an advocate for full inclusion for people with disabilities.


Meet the Cast of ITOWNY’s Festival of Shorts!!

Pictured from top to bottom: Carling Barry, Chelsey Braun, Shelby Calabro, Marilyn Erentsen-Scott, Dave Goddard, Quentin Gray, Summer Harris, Aimee Levesque, Jessica Levesque, Colleen O’Byrne, Dallas Taylor, Jennelle Torrey, Charles Weber, Jennifer Weber, and Chris Wylie.



Tonight a few of us from Inclusive Theater of WNY, along with a few friends, are going to see 1984 at The Kavinoky Theatre on Porter Rd (at D’Youville College). Friends of ITOWNY Aleks Malejs and Patrick Moltane are in this production, as well as John Profetta, who was in ITOWNY’s production of “And Where Will You Put the Things You Save?” last October at the Alleyway Theatre.

The cast of 1984 had a difficult job to do. They had fully prepared to perform To Kill A Mockingbird when the production was cancelled because Scott Rudin, producer of the version currently playing on Broadway (an adaptation of the original that is completely different than the original) threatened to sue the Kavinoky, as well as many other theaters across the country and in the UK! The publisher had given these groups the green light because the adaptation was so different, but Rudin wasn’t having it. You don’t wrestle with a 900 lb. gorilla and so these smaller theatres, often working on tight margins, really had not choice but to cancel. The Kavinoky’s manager, Lorraine O’Donnell, decided they would do 1984 instead, and although it is a difficult play to do, the cast was game.

I can’t wait to see what this talented cast has accomplished! If you can support them by buying a ticket and seeing the play, I would encourage you to do so. 1984 is as relevant now as it was in the 60s when I first read the book and saw the movie. Perhaps even more relevant. I’ll be posting my review of the show tomorrow!

In the meantime, we at Inclusive are busy rehearsing our short plays for next weeks’ opening of A Festival of Shorts! Did you purchase your tickets? You can do so here: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4205379


A Festival of Shorts Now at The Foundry: Friday April 5 @ 7:30 pm Saturday April 6 @7:30pm Sunday April 7 @ 2pm

Holy torn ticket Batman! ITOWNY has secured THREE consecutive days at The Foundry on Northampton Street in Buffalo! You know—that incredible maker space/business incubator/event space? ITOWNY’s Festival of Shorts will be for three hilarious days. Yes! The Foundry—298 Northampton St Buffalo

Here are some pictures from tonight’s rehearsal!


Auditions for Inclusive Theater of WNY’s Festival of Shorts – Tomorrow (2/23/19) & Monday (2/25/19)!



Auditions for Inclusive Theater of WNY’s Festival of Shorts!!

When: Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 1pm – 4pm AND Monday, February 25, 2019 from 6pm – 8pm. No appointment necessary! However, if you need a specific time, please email inclusivetheaterofwny@gmail.com.

Where: Auditions will take place at The Foundry, 298 Northampton, Buffalo, NY.

Show Dates/Location: April 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th. MUST be available during the week of March 25th for tech rehearsals. Performances and rehearsals will take place at Ujima, 429 Plymouth Avenue, Buffalo, NY.

All levels of acting ability are welcome! Available roles include traditional acting roles for men and women of various ages. Sides from the script will be available to read from. Headshots and resumes are not required, but are welcome.

Questions? Please email inclusivetheaterofwny@gmail.com


How 2019 Could Be Your Best Year Ever

I know a woman who begins her presentations with “Today is the best day of my life”.  As she continues you discover why: Because today is the only day we have! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here! The only moment we have is this moment, right now. It is the only moment in which we live fully. The only moment in which we are fully alive. To appreciate this you need to become aware. First, that you’re not living fully in the moment. Then, by developing a practice that helps you develop greater awareness of the present moment. 

You can accomplish this simply by tuning into all or some of  your five senses.

Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s making a plan, reading, studying, creating a vision board at a free VISION BOARD PARTY (more info here), or meditating, bring your full awareness to your senses.

If you’re doing this during meditation, for instance, start by focusing on your breath.. If you start to relax and suddenly you hear someone hammering outside your window. Don’t resist it! FOCUS ON IT! You’re tuning in with your sense of hearing… Observe your annoyance: You’re tuning in to your body–your pulse rate usually goes up a bit when you’re annoyed, right?  Are you outside? Do you feel a breeze against your skin?

Continue to move about your environment mindfully, fully experiencing everything through your senses.

Your senses are what connects you with this moment. You become more aware. With greater awareness comes greater intuition and clarity of thought. And with that comes the ability to choose more wisely from a greater number of possibilities.

You can start a mindfulness practice right this minute. You don’t need to go to a class, or spend any money. Connect yourself to this moment by feeling the air against your skin, your back against the chair, your feet on the floor. Do you feel or hear your heartbeat?  Are you calm or anxious?

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Whatever works for you. Become the observer. Sit quietly and observe and feel everything. If your mind wanders, observe that. Then bring it back to your breath, your posture, the sounds of birds, anything you can observe with your senses. That is mindfulness.

Do this for a few minutes every hour, or several times a day. I used to have a mindful clock on my computer; something I downloaded from the internet. It sounded like Big Ben. I could set it to ring at regular intervals, or randomly. When it gonged, I’d sit for a few moments and tune in to the present moment, then go back to work. I started this practice as a way of healing from medical trauma. My therapist was an expert in trauma and had done considerable research into the practice of mindfulness as a treatment for PTSD. It works.

Try it. What do you have to lose, except anxiety, stress, pain, high blood pressure–the list goes on. If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness I highly recommend books by Jon Kabat-Zinn, or his website which you can access here.